The intellectual property (copyright and trade marks) of the AXELOS portfolio is owned by AXELOS Limited. We are keen to establish a clearly identified marketplace where users and customers of our guidance can be assured that they are investing in quality products and services.

To support this, we have developed a policy on the use of our intellectual property including copyright, trade marks, logos and endorsement marks.


We offer 3 types of licence:

  • Copyright Licence - this permits the re-use of text and diagrams from our copyright publications in your own products and services. For example, if you wished to reproduce the ITIL® Service Management Lifecycle diagram you would need to obtain a copyright licence to do so. More.

  • Trade Mark Licence - this authorizes you to use our trade marks within your product or service. For example, if you wanted to use the PRINCE2® trade mark in the title of a commercial product you would need to obtain a trade mark licence to do so. More.

  • A Combined Trade Mark and Copyright Licence - this authorizes you to use text, diagrams and trade marks in your product or service. More

Training and consultancy organization accreditation

We also offer an authorized route for suppliers to have their organizations and products accredited and endorsed, potentially enhancing their value in the market. For more information please click on the relevant product from the list below:









Trade marks

Whilst a trade mark licence is required if you wish to use one of our word marks (e.g. product names such as ITIL) within your product or product marketing material, our word marks may be used without a licence in free text or in a descriptive manner by any organization or individual as long as certain conditions are met. More